The End of Religion?

Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Meeting
University of San Diego
March 17 – 19, 2016

Plenary Addresses

Gordon Graham (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Philip Jenkins (Baylor University)

Plenary Panel

Penelope Bridges (Dean, St. Paul’s Cathedral)
Brian Clack, Philosophy (University of San Diego)
Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary)

The US is currently in the midst of what pundits are calling the ‘Great Decline’ in religiosity. Data suggest that the US is, in this respect, catching up to secular Europe and that within our lifetimes we may expect to see a world in which secularism is the norm in affluent countries, including the US, and where religious believers have become a small, shrinking, and increasingly marginalized minority.

  • What is religiosity?
  • What relation exists between identity and religiosity? And what are the implications of identifying as religious?
  • How should we understand (epistemically, politically and sociologically) the growing tendency to identify as ‘spiritual’ rather than ‘religious’?
  • What are the causes of decline in religious belief and affiliation? And, perhaps more importantly, what are the likely consequences?

We welcome participation by individuals regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof as presenters and participants.